Txum Stal Rzeszow beat Unia Tarnow in the second game of the Speed ​​League on Saturday afternoon. Beating the derby rival isn’t the only reason Podkarpacie fans are happy. The name of the player who will renew the contract has also been announced.

Konrad Senkowski

Kevin and Wilbert

WP SportoweFakty/Jacob Malik/Pictured: Kevin and Wilbert

The confrontation between Texom Stali Rzeszów and Unia Tarnów delivered many emotions to the fans. For a long time it was balanced and only in the end the hosts jumped again, winning by 51:38.

Coach Janusz Stacira’s accusations scored two points, and one point for a better aggregate score with Jaskočki went to Tarnów.

In Rzeszów, they have reasons to be happy not only because of the victory. After the 14th round of the day, it was announced that for the 2023 season, Kevin and Wilbert would still score points for the team from Podkarpacie, who scored 9 points and a bonus beside his name.

And in the entire season in Germany, so far, he is the most effective player in Rzeszów’s team and the only one to boast an average of more than two points per half (2.026). In the league, this is the 12th result.

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