This year, the second rounds of the Polish leagues are planned for the holiday season. On Easter, the 2022 season will be opened by Optibet Lokomotiv Daugavpils, taking on the winning Tarnów Union in the first match.

Stanislaw and Rona

Evgeny Kostegov in the lead

WP SportoweFakty/Julia Podlowska/Pictured: Jewgienij Kostygow in the lead

The Swallows will go to Latvia with a home victory in the first round of the Second Speedway League with SpecHouse PSŻ Poznań. Although Unia defeated competitors at a minimum (46:44), before the match, most players were betting on an easy win for the newcomers. In the end, the surprise came true and Stanislav Borza’s players will head to Latvia for their second win of the season.

There was one change in the union’s composition compared to the previous meeting. Kajetan Kupiec, who then started as a guest and will now play a match with his nominal club, Włókniarz Częstochowa, on the same day, will be replaced by Matthews Gzeel. He will be accompanied by Piotr Świercz in second place for youth, and other seniors will be in the same order. The burden of scoring should mostly fall on Peter Ljung, who has always done well at the Daugavpils and earned his fifth Division 1 average in 2018, with 2,234 points/half for the home team.

Despite the mishaps in the first match, the rest of the top players added important points, which in the end decided to beat the Scorpions of Poznan. A few days before meeting at Daugavpils in the British Isles, Troy Batchelor started with variable luck (15 points at Oxford Cheetahs and 4+1 at Ipswich Witches). However, the Australian is likely to try to hold the shape at a higher level. Oscar Popper and Patrick Rolnicki also talked about the next match with ambition, they can achieve a good result. The only player not to win the league is Tero Aarnio, so the Finn will try to change that in Sunday’s game.

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Watch the video highway. PGE Ekstraliga magazine. Hansen, Holder, Koerber and Noskovic are Musial’s guests!

The hosts will only leave the first match of the 2022 season at Easter, because with an odd number of teams (not allowing Wolfe Wittstock to play), they are paused in the first round. Optibet Lokomotiv’s strong point on their track has to be the juniors, who compete there regularly, and this time Ricard Ansviesulis and Ernest Matiuszonok are in the lineup. Among the elderly there were experienced Kyastas Puodżuks and Yevgeny Kostygov, who had been a strong bondman in previous years.

The team is complete with three players from outside. The first of them is Dane Rene Bach, who this week finished last 16th in the national qualifying rounds for the Speedway Grand Prix and SEC – European Singles Championship. Besides him, there will also be the singles champion of Great Britain from last season, that is, Adam Ellis. This player had already made quite a few matches in Ligue 1 and in the UK, so perhaps the hosts’ coaching staff will be counting on his good performance. Another foreigner is Nick Morris, who won several events in Australia over the winter break and will try to get back to his old high performance on the Polish tracks.

Before the Christmas Sunday duel at Daugavpils, it’s hard to name a favorite. It will be the hosts’ first appearance in the league, but on their own path, with a full squad, they could be very dangerous. The Tarnowians, having won the inauguration, will try to follow the blow and take a second victory before the break, because they will be paused in the third round. So the meeting seems very interesting, and the weather should not prevent the opening in Latvia, as it should be sunny, although it can be cold and windy.

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Recommended lineups:

Optibet Lokomotiv Daugavpils:
9. Yevgeny Kostegov
10. Kjastas Puodżuks
11. Renee Bach
12. Adam Ellis
13. Nick Morris
14. Ricard Ansvizolis
15. Ernst Mateuszonok

Onia Tarnow:
1. Oscar Popper
2. Patrick Rolnicki
3. Troy Batchelor
4. Tero Arneo
5. Peter Lejung
6. Matthews very much
7. Piotr Świercz

Beginning of the meeting: the time. 15:15 (Latvia time)
Judge: Andrei Kraskevich
path host: Krzysztof nuts

Weather forecast (
Temperature: 8 degrees
winds: 15 km/h
Is raining: 0.0 mm

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