Basically, since Tarasienko appeared on the tracks of the highway, in 2010, it has been buzzing about him. There was talk of a great talent, the second gift of Sjvoddin. The player himself had glimpses, but for a long time he was not able to really confirm the words that spoke of him. True, when he was 16 years old, he entered the finals of the World Junior Singles Championships, but he did not play any major role there. He won medals mainly in his homeland, since in those years he did not have a very strong competitor. After a few years of his career, Lokomotiv left Daugavpils and toured various centers, such as Gniezno and Piła. On a certain level, he was a valuable player, but he didn’t impress him.

He returned to Lokomotiv for the 2019 season and after that – it’s safe to say – his career was on a sharp turn. With an average of just 1.43 points and a quick parting for the host club – that was definitely not what the player was counting on. It was obvious he was missing out on everything on the track at the time. He had to decide whether to take over or doom himself to a league slump, perhaps even to the end of his career. He subjected everything to the best preparation for the new season, which was to be spent in Wilkie Krosno. There he wanted to rebuild himself and prove that he was written off prematurely. However, these ads were treated with caution.

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In Krosno, there was a real explosion of form in Tarasienka. In the second league, he was basically unaffected, and was also a great guest in the 1st League eWinner. This resulted in starts in the national colors and held in Abramczyk Polonia, who was looking for such reinforcement. It can be safely said that the history of Tarasienka is confusingly similar to that of Adam Małysz, who also imploded in Oberstdorf after many years of lean. Since the start of the 2021 season, the Russian has been driving great and at this level of games he is one of the best motorcyclists. Tarasenko does not hide that he still dreams of being among the best in the world. He’s 27, so not much for a motorcyclist. Let’s note that at that age, Jason Doyle used to drive in Kolejarz Rawicz, and it goes without saying who he is now.

Wednesday’s SEC performance on the home circuit will be a bit of a reward for the rider, but it’s also a test and a tough time. If he has championship ambitions, when will he confirm it, if not against Leon Madsen, Mikel Michaelsen, Nikki Pedersen, Robert Lambert or Daniel Bewley? The plans will also be foiled by the Poles: Patrick Dodek, Piotr Pawliky and Bartos Smecta.

Starting list (first round of the SEC in Bydgoszcz):

1 – Piotr Pawelecki (Poland)

2 – Vadim Tarasenko (Russia)

3 – Patrick Hansen (Dania)

4 – Patrick Dudek (Poland)

5 – Mikkel Michaelsen (Denmark)

6 – Bartosz Smkta (Poland)

7 – Leon Madsen (Denmark)

8 – Nikki Pedersen (Denmark)

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9 – Jacob Thorsel (Sweden)

10 – Robert Lambert (Great Britain)

11 – Kai Hockenbeck (Germany)

12 – Timo Lahti (Finland)

13 – Vaclav Melek (Czech Republic)

14 – Andrei Lepidio (Latvia)

15 – Sergey Logachev (Russia)

16 – Daniel Bewley (Great Britain)

R1. Mateusz Tonder (Poland)

R2. Wiktor Przyjemski (Poland)

Contest start: 19:00

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