Wojciech Kulak, Interia: She returns to Poland after a year-long break. Before talking about here and now, at the beginning of our conversation, I would like to go back to the past for a moment, more precisely the 2019 season, where, despite the good individual behavior and the team’s success in the form for the promotion of the Polish diaspora to the electronic winner of the first league, you did not get a chance in the back hall PGE Extraliga. Do you have a grudge against activists from Bydgoszcz that it happened this way and not another way?

Rene Bach, new player for Lokomotiv Daugavpils: – I think all this could have been influenced by my last performance in the league final in Poznan, which did not please Jerzy the chancellor. I don’t blame him for knocking me out in the rematch, but if you look at this season now, I can be as happy with myself as I can be. I had a lot of good meetings after that, which my average showed.

Having unexpectedly left the Polish diaspora, she did not change the league and the following year she raced in the Kolejarz Opole, where she pleased the fans even more. Despite the phenomenal season, you unfortunately left our country. My question is why?

– I simply did not get offers from other clubs. To be honest, I was sure I would stay in Opole, but when it turned out to be made of this thread, I stayed on the ice, because the other teams had already completed teams.

What were you doing back home, apart from starting in the local league? Did you just focus on the highway or were you forced to go to work?

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– In fact, it was not a big revolution for me, because for five years I successfully combined work and highway competitions. Maybe it’s crazy and unreal for many, but the extra work helps me, for example, de-stress after a competition. For me, it’s kind of a starting point from the competition on the track.

Fortunately, your break from the Polish league took less than a year and you will be joining Lokomotiv Daugavpils next season. Why Latvia?

Several factors influenced my decision. To be sure, a critical aspect was the fast and efficient negotiations. We quickly came to an agreement, and I know it’s a professional hub. I am happy with my decision and I am already counting down my debut months.

In the 2021 season, compatriot Hans Andersen competed in the Lokomotiv colors. Did you have any conversation about this team before signing the contract?

– naturally. I asked him about some other guys about a few things, because I wanted to know what I had in common. I heard a lot of warm words about the club and they are as expected, respectful and professional.

Did you receive any offers other than those from Daugavpils?

– Yes, I was contacted by two teams, although I did not take the transfer to them seriously since I was able to quickly communicate with the Latvians. I’m glad I didn’t have to stress like in previous years and can easily prepare for the points competition.

Lokomotiv, as always, is full of Latvians. However, there were a few foreigners in the squad. Which of your new colleagues have the best connection?

I know Adam Ellis and Nick Morris well because of the competitions in Great Britain. I’m so glad we teamed up together, because we wouldn’t have to get to know each other and there would be a thread of understanding between us right away. I haven’t had a chance to chat yet, but that will change soon. I would definitely be happy to ride with them.

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So we’re flying straight off the bridge – will you be promoted to the Electronic Premier League winner?

– It is difficult to make any statements now, because the league is preparing with the might of hell. We’re not the only ones who are interesting on paper. I think we have to be in the playoffs, time will tell what happens next.

Aren’t you afraid of small team competition? You haven’t raced in Poland in over a year, and especially in the beginning, you may have problems with normal and good driving.

– I realize that there are many of us, but I will not return to sit on the “bench”. I will do my best to show myself to the fans in every match. I will pamper motorcycles with a mechanic as often as I can. may work.

Exactly, without fast motorcycles in the 21st century, it wouldn’t move. What does your hardware base look like?

– I have up to five engines for next season, made by Peter Jones and Fleming Graverson. They’re not anonymous tuners, so I hope they all fire up. I have been working with them for many years and till now I am satisfied with their work.

What about foreign leagues? Would you start somewhere outside of our country and home country Denmark?

– I received some calls from Sweden, but so far my priority is Poland and Denmark. Also, there will likely be a few events in Germany and national qualifiers for international tournaments.

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You are definitely also thinking about the future. Think that starts the eWinner 1. Liga at your fingertips?

– I’d love to be there. There is still a long way to go for that. It’s best to set yourself short-term goals for the time being, and one of them is to be in the top five in this year’s competition for individual rankings.

In Poland, unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic is increasing again, which may spoil the ranks of some activists. What is happening with you in Denmark now?

– It’s the same as yours, we have to wear masks practically everywhere. Hopefully it won’t be too long and we’ll start the season nonstop.