It’s Saturday and Sunday! The Grand Final of the Speedway of Nations will take place at the racetrack in Manchester. Seven teams will participate in the competition: Poland, Australia, Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, Latvia and France.

The Poles will include: Bartosz Smerzlik, Maciej Janowski and Jakub Mikowiak. Dominik Kubera and Wiktor Lampart are the two awaited contenders who will enter the competition just in case one of the aforementioned motorcycle racers is injured.

– I think it was the perfect choice. Each of these players has its own arguments. The system is what it is and I regret it a bit. I find no basis or meaning for such a nomination and only for a certain group of players on such a date. However, these are facts that we must be guided by and subject to.

In England we will fight for the gold medal. Poland will always fight for gold and nothing has changed in this regard. Who will be our most dangerous competitor? I think everyone, because it’s a sport and anything can happen. But I expect the Brits to be incredibly strong on their way, as well as the Australians who regularly compete there. The track in Manchester may not be very difficult, but today it is known that the nuances are critical to success – as Raffaie Dubroque tells us.

– We are right after the Ekstraliga final, the guys are well prepared in terms of equipment, there is no need to worry in this regard, although there may always be some minor issues – he adds.

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Last week, the Mukhtar of the national team visited Warsaw at the PGE Ekstraliga Gala. So there was an opportunity to talk about other topics besides Polish representation. Rafay Dubroque referred to the awards given at the ceremony in several categories.

I missed Darek Olidzio, coach of Petard Sparta Wroclaw among the coaches nominated. After all, he was the coach of the Polish champions. But I don’t fix it. There must have been some reasons why Darek wasn’t on this list.

– The biggest surprises in the league? The Motor Lublin stand is definitely a plus. It is true that this team was quietly established as one of the favorites in the league, as I expected it could go far, but its participation in the final is definitely a positive surprise.

– The biggest disappointment is Fallopaz Zielona Gora. For several years I have been associated with this club and my heart still beats a little. Relegation to League One, although a little anticipated, certainly hurt Zielona Góra fans a lot. New season lineups are being built, at this point Falubaz looks very good, so there is a chance to return to Ekstraklasa next year – says Rafai Dobroki.

Ostrovia Ostro Wielkopolski will go to Extraliga to replace Fallopaz Zielona Gora next season.

– Ostrovia has arguments in the context of her own path. In this regard, the novice managed to surprise the theoretical best teams on paper more than once. A good example is Grudziądz, where for many years, and certainly two seasons, the local track remained unreadable to visitors. Not many players had the chance to get to know him much earlier. Track reading may not be critical, but it is a very important skill to set up the equipment properly.

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But Ostrow is also having difficulties building a team. Soon we will see how this team will compete with the best – says Dubrocí.

At the beginning of October, we met a new singles world champion. Bartosz Smarzlik could not sit on top of the podium in the general classification for the Grand Prix for the third time in a row. Russia’s Artiom Łaguta has become the new champion and this is no surprise – says Raffaei Dobroki.

– I think that Bartik’s silver is also very valuable. Artiom Łaguta has made a lot of progress. And here it is worth noting about his wonderful team, which perfectly prepared his equipment for almost the entire season – concluded the coach of the Polish national team.