Although it was a friendly match, the amount of overtones made the match interesting. The Poles wanted to quickly pay for their defeat in the Speedway of Nations. The defeat of the British on their own lands would alleviate the bitterness of Sunday’s defeat. In turn, the hosts definitely wanted to rock the nose of the Poles, who often feel that they are the best in the world. Many made no secret that they would be happy to see how White and Red would handle the highly skilled British track.

The first games are a real blow to the head of the Polish team. Before White and Red saw it, they were losing 3:9. The British had fun while driving. Chris Harris, who jumped into the team to injure Taya and Venden, had a big fight on the road. Daniel Bewley was wonderful. Even Tom Brennan, little known in Poland, faced difficult conditions against his rivals.

The greatest player in Rafay Dobrocí’s side was a disappointment. Maciej Janowski started from scratch, and Bartosz Zmarzlik couldn’t win the race. The others were withdrawn but they were unequal. Tobiasz Musielak found out very quickly. In general, however, the position of the Poles left much to be desired. This was confirmed by the fact that after half the competition we had our only win when… Robert Lambert had a glitch and Jordan Palin was disqualified. The next win was also not “clean”, because Harris fell during the first attempt to run.

The competition brought some interesting actions. Unfortunately, the smoothness of the match was negatively affected by the following falls and outages. Among other things, Jacob Mikoviak was on the track twice. First he fell after the race and nothing happened to him. The 20-year-old wasn’t so lucky the second time around. In the first turn, the junior world champion didn’t master the bike and hit Brennan with too much force. Pole came out worse in this match, because he didn’t go to the bar anymore.

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The most dangerous situation occurred in the thirteenth gear. On the contrary, Adam Ellis caught Dominic Kubera, who immediately hired him. Victor Lamparte and Jordan Palin were right behind them, so they ended the trip with a fall. The situation looked serious and was confirmed by the departure of the ambulance. Ellis got himself, but what happened to Kubier is unknown.

The carambola indirectly contributed to the end of the competition. Due to prolonged medical intervention, the increased precipitation caused severe damage to the surface. For this reason, the referee ended the meeting.

Great Britain – 36
Poland – 35

Great Britain:
1. Chris Harris 8 (3,2,3,w)
2. Tom Brennan 4 + 2 (2*, 1,0,1 *)
3. Daniel Bewley 11 (3,3,3,2)
4. Adam Ellis 4 (1,1,1,1)
5. Robert Lambert 8 (3, d, 3,2)
6. Jordan Palin 1 (0, w, 0,1)

1. Dominic Kubera 6 (1,2,0,3)
2. Tobias Mosillac 7 + 1 (0,3,2,2*)
3. Maciej Janowski 7 + 1 (0,3,1*,3)
4. Jacob Mikoviak 4 (2, w, -, -)
5. Bartosh Zmarzlik 8 + 1 (2,2,1*, 3)
6. Victor Lampart 5 + 1 (1*, 0,2,2)

Running after running:
1. Harris, Brennan, Cobra, Musilac – 5:1 – 5:1
2. Bewley, Mikoviak, Ellis, Janowski – 4:2 – 9:3
3. Lambert, Zmarzlik, Lambert, Palin – 3:3 – 12:6
4. Janofsky, Harris, Brennan, Mikoviak (in) – 3:3 – 15:9
5. Bewley, Zimmerzlik, Ellis, Leopard – 4:2 – 19:11
6. Musilac, Cobra, Palin (W), Lambert (D) – 0:5 – 19:16
7. Harris, Lambert, Zimmerslake, Brennan – 3:3 – 22:19
8. Bewley, Musilak, Ellis, Kubera – 4:2 – 26:21
9. Lambert, Lambert, Janowski, Palin – 3:3 – 29:24
10. Zimmerslik, Musilak, Ellis, Harris (in) – 1:5 – 30:29
11. Kubera, Bewley, Palin – 3:3 – 33:32
12. Yanovsky, Lambert, Brennan, Lambert – 3:3 – 36:35

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