It looks like Esben Hjerrild will become a Fogo Unia Leszno player, while he has signed a contract with the 2nd Speedway League. why? And did PGE Ekstraliga make him an offer? He talks about it in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

Konrad Senkowski

Aspen Herald on trial

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Krupa / Pictured: Esben Hjerrild in the lead

In early October, Esben Hjerrild flashes during the youth tournaments in Leszno. In the facility, Alfreda Smochika of Denmark scored 10 points in the doubles tournament and won the individual competition with 14 points.

When Piotr Rusiecki praised the acquisition of three talented players on social media, Hjerrild was expected to be one of them. Meanwhile, the choice of Fogo Unia Leszno fell on the Knudsen and James Pearson brothers.

Hjerrild initialed the contract, but in the 2nd Speedway League for the OK Bedmet Kolejarza Opole team.

Konrad Sinkowski: ESPN, you are not a well-known player in our country. Before talking about what happened in the last few months in your life, please say a few words about yourself.

Espen Herald, the new OK Bedmet Kolejarza Opole player: I am 19 years old and live in Esbjerg. I’ve been racing on the highway since I was 4, and since I was 12 I’ve been a member of the Danish team – first in the 85cc class, then the 250cc and now the 500cc. When I was four, my parents took me to the track for the first time to try my hand at a 50cc motorcycle. I immediately loved the sport and knew I wanted to develop it. The adrenaline was rushing through my body as I drove and the feeling of victory was the best thing of my life!

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In November, she signed a contract with OK Bedmet Kolejarz Opole. The contract was a bit surprising, because it seemed that after a good performance at the end of the season in Liszno, you would have signed the contract with Fogo Unia.

I came to Leszno with one goal, to win the individual competitions and to show my abilities to the Polish coaches on the track. This goal has been achieved. I was very pleased with my performance and I think your tracks would suit me.

OK, but were there any conversations with Fogo Onia activists?

No, I didn’t get any offer.

And offers from other PGE Ekstraliga clubs in terms of new competitions?

They were, but I decided to leave them because I have to finish school in Denmark, and I will attend until September. And since Ekstraliga’s U24 team could also start on Thursday, that would be a problem for me.

Esben Hjerrild (yellow helmet) did not complain about the lack of performancesEsben Hjerrild (yellow helmet) did not complain about the lack of performances

The choice fell on OK Bedmet Kolejarz Opole, because …

Most of all, I was honored to have a show. This contract for me is a huge step in my career and a great motivation for further action. I chose Opoli because it seems to be a well-organised, professional club with high ambitions for the next season. They have a lot of great fans so I’m looking forward to the premieres.

First, however, you will have to fight for the team.

I think the track in Opole would suit me and I would feel comfortable on it. I think during the pre-season spring I will show that I am the right choice for the coach. I always give 110% of myself, and now I am also charged with positive energy.

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In the second Polish league, the rule that a foreigner can ride as a beginner is back. Did it make any difference in choosing the club?

Of course it is in some way a “bonus” that I can ride as a kid. I want to appear regardless of the number, so I will pick the team from Opole regardless of the rules.

How do you see OK Bidmit Colegarza in the second league in the 2022 season?

I am convinced we will fight for promotion!

What do you think of the composition?

I think we have a strong team on paper and we will be on the right track all season long.

Will you participate in a non-Danish and Polish league?

In the Danish league, I extended my contract with Esbjerg Vikings and that’s it for clubs. Because of my studies, I also gave up driving in Great Britain and Sweden.

Let’s talk a little bit about topics other than that club. You were recently named, again, to the national team. What does raising the Danish flag on Kevlar mean to you?

It means a lot to me, because driving in the national colors is one of my main goals. I have a very good relationship with Hans Nielsen, who always gives me advice and support, and has a great influence on my career development.

Esben Hjerrild (blue helmet) has a good chance of standing out in the second division KolejarzEsben Hjerrild (blue helmet) has a good chance of standing out in the second division Kolejarz

Say something about your plans for the 2022 season.

Definitely a good and stable position in the Danish Premier League and in the colors of Kolejarz Opole, maintaining the level in the national team, as well as qualifying for IMŚJ.

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Finally, I wanted to ask you about your tuner. Hungarian Lagos Luigi Barath takes care of your equipment. This number is unknown in Poland.

Luigi has been my tuner since I started racing the 500 and is my only tuner. We have good contacts, healthy relationships and cooperate well, so that’s all that is important to me as a player.

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