Three Premier League matches are scheduled for Monday evening. The competition will take place at racetracks in Manchester, Ipswich and Wolverhampton.


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From the perspective of the schedule, the most exciting matches will take place in the first two cities. The runners-up, the Belle Vue team, will face Peterborough III, which – as has been emphasized many times – relies on very experienced players. It’s hard to mention a favorite here. It is known that the Panthers will come to Manchester as a replacement for Ulrich Ostergaard.

This year’s Premier League playoff duel will take place in Ipswich, where the local witches will play Sheffield. Jason Crump will return to race for the Oval. This meeting was originally scheduled for last Thursday, but was canceled and postponed due to rain.

Wolverhampton will be the clear favorite in Monday’s game three, which will host King’s Lynn’s final table and redesigned crew.

Belle Vue Aces – Peterborough Panthers, Gods. 20:30

Beautiful view Aces: 1. Daniel Bewley 2. Ritchie Worrall 3. Steve Worrall 4. Charles Wright 5. Brady Kurtz 6. Tom Brennan 7. Ricky Wells (gość)

Peterborough Panthers: 1. Ulrich Oestergaard (Deputy Director), 2. Bjarne Pedersen, 3. Michael Palm Toft, 4. Scott Nicholls, 5. Chris Harris, 6. Jordan Palin, 7. Hans Andersen

Ipswich Witch – Sheffield Tiger, Gods. 20:30

Ipswich witches: 1. Jason Crump 2. Jake Allen 3. Daniel King 4. Anders Roe 5. Craig Cook 6. Drew Kemp 7. Paul Stark

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Sheffield Tigers: 1. Jack Holder, 2. Josh Pickering, 3. Troy Batchelor, 4. Kyle Howarth, 5. Adam Ellis, 6. Danion Hume (Go), 7. Stefan Nielsen

Wolverhampton Wolves – Kings Lane Stars, Gods. 20:30

Wolverhampton Wolves: 1. Sam Masters, 2. Broc Nicol, 3. Nick Morris, 4. Luke Becker, 5. Rory Schlein, 6. Ryan Douglas, 7. Leon Flint

Kings Lane Stars: 1. Richard Lawson, 2. Ben Parker, 3. Eric Rees, 4. Louis Kerr, 5. Thomas Jorgensen, 6. Connor Mountain, 7. Casper Andersen

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