The last week of July will be a real motorway festival in Denmark. During this period, there will be three Speedway Nations Championships and one Under-21 event in Esbjerg, and we already know which teams will compete in this tournament.

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14 teams will join the Speedway of Nations, split into the semi-finals scheduled for July 27 and 28. On the first day on the track we’ll see Polish reps, they’ll start with numbers 3-4, and the reserve will start with 16.

The opponents of Rafay Dubroque in Esbjerg among others will be the Australians who appear to be the most dangerous opponent in the battle for victory in this tournament. The defenders of the Cup will participate in the second semi-final. With the Swedes and the French.

The hosts – the Danes – will wait for the top three teams of the semi-finals. The most important tournament of the week is scheduled for Saturday – July 30th.

We also know the teams that will compete for the World Junior Championships, which in the 2022 season was called Speedway of Nations 2.

Speedway Nations Semi-finals Cast:
First semi-final (27 July)
A: Germany
B: Poland
C: United States of America
D: Latvia
Enterprise: Finland
F: Australia
G: Ukraine

Second semi-final (28 July)
A: Czech Republic
B: Great Britain
A: France
D: Sweden
Enterprise: Italy
F: Slovakia
G: Slovenia

Route of Nations 2 (DMJJ)
Final (29 July)
A: Australia
B: Latvia
C: Poland
D: Great Britain
E: Denmark
F: Czech Republic
G: Sweden

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