On Sunday, Betard Sparta Wrocław completed another formality. The club announced that Gleb Chugunov will remain in the team for two consecutive seasons. Wroclaw is a good place to bring itself. The 22-year-old may not have shined individually this year, but he still contributed to the DMP gold medal. The citizens of Wroclaw only have to confirm the signing of the contract with Daniel Beauli and everything will be clear. Bartłomiej Kowalski joins the strong team, so the champ looks even stronger.

Another interesting transfer was made by Stal Rzeszów. Edward Krakmar joined the team. The Czech coach did not drive the car in Poland for various reasons in the 2021 season. However, it is still a matter of substance for the second league star. So far, she has completed five seasons at this level and has only averaged a point above 2.0 once. Especially in 2020, the 25-year-old did an excellent job, finishing at 2.41 points in each half. The Krcmar transfer slowly crystallizes the scale from Rzeszów. The question remains, what will the club do with the juniors looking to have their contracts terminated.

After all, Optibet Lokomotiv Daugavpils makes some moves. The second acquisition of the Latvians was Adam Ellis. The Brit can certainly do good races. Although he failed outright at Stal in 2021, he had a lifelong success at home, becoming the champion of Great Britain. Ellis also rode with the national team during the Great Britain-Poland match. More announcements from Lokomotiv are likely to appear in the coming days.

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In theory, the first team was closed by OK Bedmet Kolejarz Opole. 2nd League runner-up defeated Adrian Cyfer. Last season, he lost the team battle at the Arged Males in Ostrów Wielkopolski, so he hastened to seek prosecution in Rzeszów. The 26-year-old wasn’t feeling well, but usually he wasn’t below a certain level. It’s definitely a boost if we consider Cyfer to replace Kamil Brzozowski. The transfer confirms Kolejarz’s high aspirations.