For more than a week, the whole world has been anxiously looking towards Ukraine and listening to the latest news from the battlefield after the brutal attack by the Russian Armed Forces on innocent citizens. The state of Vladimir Putin is not only trying to seize the cities of our eastern neighbors, but also has to respond in its own way to the sanctions imposed by the Western powers.

Almost all sports organizations do not intend to look at it with folded hands, as a result of which Saint Petersburg has already lost the Champions League final or the Formula 1 race on the track in Sochi. Speedway decided to take an example from the biggest disciplines, and on Saturday FIM and PZM officially suspended competitors with Russian licenses. They will perform not only in the Polish League, where they win millions, but also in the prestigious Grand Prix.

This is particularly bad news for Artyom Aguta. The first singles World Championship gold medalist who represents Sborna will not start the long-awaited title defense. Emil Sajvutdino, who is growing strong, will also feel completely unsatisfied. The 32-year-old finished off the podium a year ago, so this season he’s definitely had an appetite for something else.

Most black sports fans are asking themselves at this point the question of who will replace the two big absentees on the prestigious series. Everything seems to indicate that the promoters will decide on the simplest metric and invite the reserve players to compete. This means that Jack Holder of Australia and Daniel Bewley of Great Britain will move to the starting list. In particular, the first of them knows what it is and will certainly not be a background for competitors.

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While the aforementioned players would certainly be delighted with the nomination, the bosses and supporters of eWinner Apator and Betard Sparta will each have other reasons to worry. Both teams can forget about the Russian stars for the time being. In addition, the extra runs for their reps in the Grand Prix always run the risk of unexpected injury. In a worst-case scenario, two of the key motorcyclists could leave the team, which is hugely important in the title fight.

It has long been known that a drowner always grabs a razor blade. They won’t give up in Toru especially easily. Przemysław Termiński, the club’s owner, has announced his full support for Emil Sajfutdinow at WP SF. Goal? Admission of at least 32 years old to Polish competitions. However, his enthusiasm was soon cooled by Michał Sikora. – As the head of the PZM, I can certainly say that I do not see the possibility of issuing a Polish license to Sajfutdinów and Łaguta – one of the activists told us.