Before the competition, the Poles’ flight seemed easy. All representatives drive their cars at PGE Ekstriga on a daily basis. Mateusz Cernyak is one of the greatest talents in the country. Bartome Kowalski is looking good this season. Recently, Michał Curzytek has also done better.

The victory was also supposed to ensure that there was no serious competition. The composition of Latvia raised the most concerns. Francis Justus, Ernst Matjosonox, and Rickards Invisisoli are certainly interesting names. However, none of the three should be very respectful. On the other hand, the other teams had a clear leader. However, Drew Kemp is located in a deep coastal reserve, as is Peter Klopak of Abator. Norek Bluedoorn is a positive surprise, but he is still in the second division.

Already in the first race, the Poles received a signal. Kowalski defeated Philip Hellstrom Bangs. The nightmare started from the eighth race. The Latvians easily defeated the Poles. Later the British would have done so had Anders Roe not fallen. But in the second round, Kemp did his job. From that moment on, the fight began not for victory, but for the podium.

The Latvians were elusive. He especially charmed Francis Justus, who could not be defeated by any of the competitors. The Danes and the British also presented themselves very well. Drew Kemp was a great driver in Great Britain. Aside from one slip, it only brought victories. On the other hand, the Poles lost two points over the colorless Germans, due to the fall of Mikhail Korzetik.

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I decided on the last series. In a direct duel, the Poles defeated the Danes twice. The health of Esben Hjerrild, who left the track in the ambulance, turned out to be more important than the outcome. Subsequently, the British did not hold the second place. In the end, there was an additional race between the Poles and the motorcyclists from the islands. It featured Matthews Cerniak and Drew Kemp. The Motor Lublin racer turned out to be the best.

Final rating:

1- Latvia – 28:
Ernest Matjosonox – 7 (2, -, 3, 2, 0, -)
Francis Justus – 17 (3,3,2,3,3,3
Ansviesulis records – 4 (2,2)

2. Poland – 21 + 3:
Matthews Cerniak – 14 (3,3,1,1,3,3) +3 in additional heat
Bartomeg Kowalski – 5 (1,2,0, -, -, 2)
Michel Korzitec – 2 (2, u)

3. Great Britain – 21 + 2:
Drew Kemp – 15th (3,3,0,3,3,3) + 2 in additional heat
Anders Roe – 4 (1,2,1,w, -, -)
Daniel Gilkes – 2 (2, u)

4 – Denmark – 17:
Jesper Knudsen – 8 (2,3,1, -, 2, -)
Aspen Herald – 6 (0,1,3,1,1, u)
Emil Prium Ankersen – 3 (2,1)

5- Sweden-15:
Philip Hellstrom Bangs – 10 (2,2,2,3,1,-)
Noel Wolkvist – 3 (0,0, -, 2,0,1)
Casper Henrikson – 2 (0,2)

6. Czech Republic – 13:
Peter Schlubeck – 12 (1,1,3,3,1,3)
Daniel Klima – 1 (0,0,1,0,w, -)
Pavel Kochar – 0 (0)

7- Germany-11:
Ben Ernst – 2 (0,0,t,0,1,1)
Norik Blodoorn – 9 (1,1,2,1,2,2)