The Friday World Junior Championships had it all to become a grandstand motorcycle racing festival. Good date, championship rank, fairly good cast and, above all, great chances for the Poles to succeed. Instead of fans roaring, you could hear an echo sooner. Attendance at the competition completely failed, and apart from the “Polish” races, the only noise was the motorcycles.

The conclusion seems simple – there are too many motorway events in Poland. Fans do not want to go for everything, because it is expensive and, moreover, often unattractive. – We have a lot of events in Poland. Unfortunately, no more people will participate in the DMFM contest. These are the facts. There is a lot of everything here and even a good upgrade doesn’t help. You sit on the highway on Friday and finish watching it on Sunday. You may need to specify the number of events. Currently, the fan chooses what is more important, and the rest suffers – Michai Polney told us.

Therefore, other places of slag must be discovered. Perhaps the Danes would like to see their compatriots overthrow the Poles back home. In other countries, there will be an opportunity to show discipline. However, opinions about this are weak. – What guarantee do we offer to receive more fans in other countries? There was no madness in Bydgoszcz, but it is difficult to point out where the situation would be better. Even Great Britain, Denmark or Sweden are bad trends, Polney said.

In fact, events like DMME don’t necessarily have to be more successful abroad. Here, finances turn out to be key. Difficulty finding an alternative. To drive this, a number of different activities were required in which the FIA ​​would also be involved. As long as there is no global strategic move, not much will change. First of all, you need to find a strong sponsor. It’s an expensive sport, the interviewer said, so the money is more in demand than others.

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Excess of events in Poland is the result of the fact that others do not want to take something beyond their means. In this way, it will be difficult to get out of the current recession. No one prevents anyone from organizing parties. However, there are no takers. The centers lack money. If a good sponsor covered the costs, it would be very different. We somehow deal with it, but even in Poland we have problems. The federations are unable to support it financially. In order for the new places to do something, FIM will have to help out significantly by cutting costs, or they will have to bear them, Polny assesses.