Swales took a stand on the matter in the British weekly, Speedway Star. “Maybe it is more important than ever that we educate our players.” Brexit has had a huge impact on attracting motorcyclists from abroad, because getting a visa is not as easy as it used to be, says the club’s president from Redcar.

Contrary to appearances, Swales does not say it with regret – he sees an opportunity in the new reality. – It’s good, because it means that players from the continent (from Europe – ed.) are no longer an easy option, so we have to develop our talents – said Speedway Star.

The fact that the motorway in the UK is not as developed as in Poland has been known for a long time. It is likely that a lot of water will pass in the Thames before a BSPA TV contract with British Eurosport is as high as PGE Ekstraliga’s contract with Canal+ in Poland. That is why in Britain they do not play the sun and will start from scratch. We want to build a structure so people know what’s going on and when they can come for training. Hopefully next spring the restrictions will be relaxed again and we won’t go back to where we were, says Jimmy Swales.

At Redcar, they already have resources that motorcycle racing experts can use. We want to use our bikes again, something we haven’t been able to do for two years. We have to start using the fact that we can use the track practically without limits – says the Redcar Bears boss. This is important because there are centers in Great Britain that cannot organize training at will. It happens that the time that motorcycles can run on the track is limited, and there are also certain times when training can take place.

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According to Swales, Redcar authorities already have a specific plan in place to increase interest in motorcycling. We want to start in March and expect the first month to be very busy as everyone will want to get back on track before the season kicks off for good in April. Once we’re off for good, we’ll probably want to repeat what we’ve done this year, which is to organize a practice day at the beginning of every month and then an amateur game on the third Saturday of the month. If we do this regularly, people will be able to plan what they want to train and when they want to train – he says on the Speedway Star.

The words of one of the Redcar Bears promoters are convinced that both the new post-Brexit reality, the adequate resources of the club, as well as the regularity of training, will make it possible to achieve the goal, namely, an increase in the number of students. Will this really happen? We won’t know the effects until a few years.