Australia’s highway infrastructure leaves much to be desired. True, many eminent personalities of the discipline come from there, in the past decade representatives of this country have won two golds from individual world championships, but each of the domestic highway riders who dream of a brilliant career very quickly leave their homeland and go to Europe. Their first stop is usually Great Britain, and in the UK they are trying to make a name big enough to win a contract in Poland.

A Polish tourist passing through Australia may miss most of the trails there. Usually found in small cities, they are small in size and not surrounded by a very extensive infrastructure. The building built in Sydney will be different – it will accommodate 7,000 fans in the stands, and even residents of Rzeszów or Krosno staying on exotic holidays will be able to admire its size. Long trackers race almost exclusively on 460-meter ovals in Europe.

So far, nothing has been said about the organization of important international events in this place. However, it is possible that Discovery will choose this exotic destination, because you will find an active and well-prepared facility on the site, and not a football field, on which you will have to pour a roof for a day, and then be ashamed that the wind is blowing in the stands.

As a general rule, the length of the track is usually unfortunately inversely proportional to the emotion presented to viewers by the race. Often the rate is so dissimilar at such airfields that the camera operator cannot cover all four of these airfields with the lens already on the third lap. However, a Grand Prix at such a facility would certainly be a huge test of the state of highway technology today. It’s a fear to think of the speeds they will be able to develop on such long straight lines as Artiom Łaguta or Bartosz Zmarzlik.

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