In Saturday’s match at Jaskółczy Nest, Unia Tarnów lost aloft to Bedmet OK Kolejarz Opole, losing up to 33:57. The leader of the hosts in this duel was Oscar Popper, who was the only one in the team to win a double-digit victory.

Stanislaw and Rona

Oscar Popper wearing a red helmet

WP SportoweFakty/Sebastian Masjko/Pictured: Oscar Popper wearing a red helmet

From the very beginning of the duel, it was clear that the guests, ideally emerging from under the bar, felt like fish in the water on the Tarnow oval. After the eighth round, they achieved a twenty-point advantage, and that was practically after the match. How hot is it to judge a duel, and lose at home with such a big difference?

Our main problem was editing from tape. We rode as far as our competitor would allow us to. I’ve also had bad starts. Later I had speed on the track so I was able to score points, but I’m also not entirely happy with it because I’ve always been a bit far from winning those rounds. In general, it was not bad, but there was no “point on and”. On the other hand, in the last race I won the start and thought I would finish the match of the three well, somewhere near the fence Oscar Pulis pushed himself and he flew beside me. This is sometimes the case in sports. We have to analyze it and, above all, not do such a course for the next match – Oscar Popper summed up the meeting with Bedmet OK Kolejarz Opole in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

Earlier this season, Unia Tarnów managed to defeat PSŻ Pozna at her circuit in difficult conditions, then win by 12 points over Budmax-Stal Polonia Piła, despite the absence of Patrick Rolnicki from half of the competition. So what’s the difference between the Tarnów oval and those started by players in previous games?

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Watch the video of Bartosz Smektaa about his performance: “Szała no ma”

– It’s hard to say something hotter. Certainly we had some problems and it seemed a lot. I tried to find better start settings myself, so I quickly lost those settings for the path. After a moment I returned to what was before, until the distance was good. It’s hard for me to speak on behalf of the boys, but we saw that our team was like kids in the fog in this game, so in the next game we have to improve – he confirmed.

Everyone was sure of them

Only Jacob Sroka, who made his debut, was left for track testing by the hosts. Therefore, the elderly felt so confident after training that they did not need an additional flight. In the end, the circumstances they bumped into during the match might indicate that they were ready for something completely different.

– As for the track test, everyone here was confident in their own abilities. Nobody needs that extra trip. We’re much smarter now, but on the other hand I think if I went for the test it wouldn’t give much to me or one of the guys, because it really has nothing to do with racing after that. We had enough strength today. We will do everything to improve it in the next match – said our interlocutor.

Oscar Popper was the most effective player in the league in a very losing duelOscar Popper was the most effective player in the league in a very losing duel

Again, at the Unia Tarnów meeting we had to deal with a lot of warnings, moves below the belt and choppy runs, but Bober had no problem with that. Does this mean that he has already mastered the computer’s playing of tape and that it is not causing him any more problems?

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He learned from an early mistake

– In the first race of the opening match, I wanted to steal the start and it occurred to me that I started “forty-four”. That’s why I’m now standing under the bar like a built-in (smile). So I learned a lesson from that first event.

The next match awaits the Axes team next Saturday in Rawich. After such a huge defeat, Swallows would definitely not be the favorite in this duel. However, there is not much time to “lick the wounds” and you have to prepare quickly for the next skirmish in Speedway II.

– You will have to rest, think about everything and prepare for this game. We will definitely go for the win because we lost points at home on the track unnecessarily. At Rawicz we will fight for the best result, what this day will bring us and how much we can afford, we will see after this match. We will certainly get rid of this defeat, grit our teeth and go to Rawicz to fight for a positive result – confirmed Oscar Popper

Overall, I haven’t been to Rawicz for a long time, but I did better and worse there. You should not really pay attention to it, because sometimes the shape of the day determines whether you will wake up well or not. It all depends on whether it collides correctly with the equipment, so there is no need to look back, but only to the future – he added.

Extra money after a losing game is too high

Carol Baran’s patron, Wittold Bashag, appeared in the match against Opole in Tarnow. He decided to honor the players with an additional bonus of 10,000 PLN – five for the best player of the hosts and guests. This “bonus” went to Oscar Popper, who scored 14 points, although, as the person in question himself admits, it could not have had an effect on his leadership during this duel.

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– I discovered this prize only after the 15th race. When they came for me on this, I thought someone was cheating on me. It was a bit of a make up for lost points and multipliers instead of three. This is the first time I have received such an award, and I have been riding motorcycles for several years now. So I would like to thank the person who created this initiative. What can I say more than that? Let’s always be the best – ended the conversation with WP SportoweFakty, Unia Tarnów leader on Saturday, Oskar Popper.

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