On Tuesday morning, we learned the names of five players who received permanent Wildcats from the new Discovery Sports Events promoter for next year’s Grand Prix series.

Konrad Senkowski

Robert Lambert

WP SportoweFakty / Arkadiusz Siwek / Pictured: Robert Lambert

We already know the full cast of the Speedway Grand Prix racing series for the 2022 season.

Five racers on Tuesday joined the top six in this year’s competition for the singles world title, three highway racers from the Grand Prix Challenge and European singles champion Mikkel Michaelsen, by five contenders who earned so-called permanent wild cards.

The first highway rider to continue racing for IMŚ medals is the seventh in this year’s general classification – Leon Madsen.

Those who finished ninth to twelfth, Jason Doyle, Robert Lambert, Anders Thomsen and Martin Vaculik also held their place in the Grand Prix.

The list of alternatives will be confirmed at a later time.

Let us remind you that next year’s Grand Prix series will start on April 30th in Gorikan, Croatia.

The cast of the 2022 Grand Prix:
1. Artiom Łaguta (MFR)
2 – Bartosz Szmarzlik (Poland)
3 – Emil Sajvutdino (MFR)
4 – Maciej Janowski (Poland)
Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden)
6 – Ty and Wenden (Great Britain)
7 – Leon Madsen (Denmark)
8 – Max Frick (Australia)
9 – Jason Doyle (Australia)
10 – Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
Anders Thomsen (Denmark)
12 – Martin Vaculik (Slovakia)
13 – Bäwesz Przydbinski (Poland)
14 – Mikkel Michaelsen (Denmark)
15 – Patrick Dudek (Poland)

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