Max Fricke is the only Grand Prix entrant to participate in eWinner 1. LŻ. Before the season there was a fear that the lack of regular confrontations with the best would negatively affect the results of the Grand Prix. It turns out the opposite is true.

Matthews Boca

Max Frick

PAP / Leszek Szymański / Pictured: Max Frick

The Australian decided to stay for another season at Stelmet Falubazie Zielona Góra, but thanks to this, ironically, he has more chances to perform regularly. In PGE Ekstraliga, it is forbidden to drive in more than one foreign league. In League One, these restrictions are less stringent, and motorcyclists can choose two foreign clubs.

Max Frick took this opportunity, and is the only one in the world to compete in league matches on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and weekends. This is an advantage, as many extraleers would like to have an equally tight schedule, but due to the restrictions they cannot do the same.

– Before the season, many feared that Max, deciding to stay in Fallopaz, would lose the possibility of regular confrontation with the best in the world. That’s not true, because he drives in Sweden, Great Britain, and Poland, and has a grand prix every two weeks. In any case, the eWinner 1 league is also equal and not to be underestimated. There are a lot of great players, and the equipment is comparable to that of the motorcyclists from PGE Ekstraliga – says Tomasz Gaszyński, who collaborates with the Australian.

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However, the Poles warn against drawing hasty conclusions. I’m not suggesting that it’s thanks to the greater number of starts we’ve made so well, and perhaps not just because of that. In the winter, we simply decided to take advantage of the situation and adapt to the legal possibilities. Today it has turned out to be forever, but the impact of this decision on the format will only be assessed at the end of the season – the former manager admits, among other things Thomass Golub.

During the competition in Warsaw, Frick showed his best side and in the second part of the competition he was definitely the fastest competitor. He surprised many not only with his daring attacks, but also with very daring choices for the main fields before the semi-finals and final.

– First gear was a flop, but then we changed the bike and that was great. We used Ashley Holloway engines and they ran fine. The starting fields weren’t equal, but we did our best to get the most out of it. I enjoy working with Maks and before the semi-finals and final we had a discussion about choosing starting areas. We put unusually D squares, but we had a plan for it and it turned out to be the right decision – Gaszyński comments, his player success.

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