In mid-March, Edward Kennett informed his British club leaders that after his promotion at work he had been forced to put his career on hold and focus on new challenges. However, the love for left-handed driving turned out to be just as strong and he got back on the right track.

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Edward Kennett

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Edward Kennett isn’t just focused on driving left. As the head of the family, he goes to work and considers the highway to be the most hobby for him. Because of his career progression, the Briton, who has raced in the past in the Polish leagues, did not see an option to combine leadership with professional matters.

Kennett admitted that driving in one game is actually two days, sometimes even three days for him. He couldn’t stand such things now, but there is a surprising twist in the player history of Hastings.

It turns out that the two-time British runner-up (2008, 2009) after changing working conditions, will be available for Westcolour Plymouth Gladiators. More specifically? He just resigned his promotion on the current date and postponed it.

“Since we first heard about Edward’s decision to put his professional commitments first, we’ve had a lot of conversations with experienced players to fill the void. A lot of them wanted to join us, but there were problems, both with Polish restrictions and with Tuesday’s matches in the Swedish league… – Mark Phillips, club manager admitted.

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