The 2022 season will be extremely important for Daniel Pioli. The Briton will make his debut among the regular participants of the Grand Prix series and declares that he expects something more than just experience among the elite motorcycle racing community.

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We would like to remind you that Daniel Bewley, along with Robert Lambert, Ty Wenden and Tom Brennan, was last year’s world champion, thanks to his victory in the MotoGP Final in October, which was held in Manchester. Betard Sparta Wrocław was originally supposed to be the second substitute in the SGP tournament, but after FIM suspended Artiom Łaguta and Emil Sajfutdinov until further notice (due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine), he was quickly called up and would have a chance to fight for world championship medals individual.

In addition to the British, Jack Holder is in a similar position, as he was to be the first reserve. Both of them, however, will want to show their best side, and compete between the best competitors in the world. Some would argue that the couple in question would feel too much pressure on themselves because they got a last-minute call a few weeks before the series opened, which is scheduled to take place on April 30 in Gorikan, Croatia.

The Briton is working hard to prepare for a season that will be fuller than he had planned due to the aforementioned invitation.

The whole season will be on tour

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It’s not just about showing yourself and gaining experience. At least that’s not what I want. Nobody wants to present themselves too badly compared to others – everyone depends on doing well. Of course, I was prepared for it according to the original plan. The Grand Prix is ​​very expensive, so I have to know how to juggle all of that. I hope I’ll be ready and show my best — says Daniel Bewley at

Daniel Bewley was called up to the Grand Prix series at the last minuteDaniel Bewley was called up to the Grand Prix series at the last minute

Aside from starting at the PGE Ekstraliga and on the Grand Prix cycle, the Great Britain representative is also under contract with Smederna Eskilstuna at Sweden’s Bauhaus-Legan. This means that he will definitely not be able to complain about boredom and will spend a lot of time traveling in the 2022 season.

At the moment everything is new, but we are already working on some things with the team. We’ll be a little more busy with the starts and it’s going to be a little more difficult to keep my gear up the whole time. A difficult period awaits us, almost all the time on the way. We’ll have to adjust a few things slowly, but we’ll sit down and see what needs to be done and try to implement it. It all happens at the last minute, so it’s not easy. However, we have to do our best – adds the 22-year-old.

The influence of an experienced duo is very important

Last season, Pioli worked closely with fellow British National Team and Petard Sparta Wroclaw Tay and Wenden, as well as his manager and chief mechanic Jacek Trojanowski. The influence of the duo, who has celebrated the three-time singles world champion, both on and off the track, is clearly also making a difference to the British youngster’s attitude. Now players will be competitors in the SGP series.

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We are both at different times in our careers. I’m actually in the beginning and he’s at the top. Of course, my goal is to be there. I’m still working with Taie, Jacek and the whole team. May it be a successful year, not only for me but for them as well. I am very happy with the way everything is working. I just want to race and do well by myself. We are slowly getting back into the driving and I am looking forward to it – Daniel Bewley confirms at the end.

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