The removal of two Russian representatives from the starting list for the 2022 Grand Prix has provided an opportunity for others. Australia and Great Britain will each have three players in the World Series this season. The last country has been waiting for this for many years.

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Daniel Bewley

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The final form of the 2022 Grand Prix sprint starting slate was officially announced on Friday. Daniel Bewley. For both, it will be their first season as a regular participant in the Elite Series.

The Australians will have three of their representatives in the singles world championships for the first time in seven years. Holder is joined by Max Fricke and Jason Doyle, who received permanent Wildcats from the World Federation in the fall.

The British are going through a special moment. By joining the Bewley team, the islanders will also be able to cheer up three of their fellow citizens. It’s only the first time this has happened to them in eighteen years. In 2004, the list of full participants contained up to 22 names, so now the situation is completely different. In addition to Bewley, Tai Woffinden and Robert Lambert are among the riders who will start at the Grand Prix at the end of April. All of them are winners of last year’s Speedway of Nations.

Watch the video, it really is a tradition. The president prepares the course before the first training session

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The Russians will not have representatives for the first time since the 2016 edition. Removing them from the list has reduced the number of countries whose representatives will compete for medals this year. Currently, there are six of them, not seven. This is the lowest result since 2005, when the number of regular participants in the tournament was reduced from 22 to 15 and the competition system was reconfigured from the so-called trackers for the currently known round (main round, semi-final, final).

However, the number of players in PGE Ekstraliga clubs has not changed. Apator Toruń still has four representatives in GP 2022 (holding for Sajfutdinowa), and team champion – Betard Sparta Wrocław still has three of them (Bewley for Łaguta).

The average age of IMŚ participants for this year has fallen below 30, the first such position since 2013. He is now 29.47 years old and is the lowest since the 2006 season, when regular riders at the time were 28.93 years old. Bewley (born in 1999) became the youngest.

Countries with players in the Grand Prix 2022:

nation number competitors
Poland 4 Bartosz Zmarzlik, Maciej Janowski, Bowie Przydbinski, Patrick Dudek
Australia 3 Max Frick, Jason Doyle, Jack Holder
Denmark 3 Leon Madsen, Anders Thomsen, Mikkel Michaelsen
Great Britain 3 Ty Wenden, Robert Lambert, Daniel Bewley
Slovakia 1 Martin Vaculik
Sweden 1 Frederic Lindgren

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