After a two-year hiatus, Max Frick returns to the British League. The player, who performs in Poland at the Stelmet Falubaza Zielona Góra, has signed a contract with Belle Vue Aces.

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Max Frick in the lead

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For Max Frick, it’s a return to the British League, where he started his career in Europe. The Australian performed in 2013-14 at the Kings of Edinburgh, and from 2015 to 2019 he drove at Belle Vue Aces. Now he is another GP racer after Jason Doyle who decided to start in the UK.

Recently, Frick could not drive in the excellent super sprint, because the regulations of the PGE Ekstraliga allow him to ride in only one league outside Poland. In 2020, the British motorway had a one-year hiatus due to coronavirus restrictions, and last season the Australian opted to show Sweden’s Indianerna. Stelmet Falubaz’s retraction means Zielona Góra means Fricke could return to Great Britain – the regulations in the eWinner 1 Liga are not too restrictive.

Belle Vue Aces’ motor racing director, Mark Lemon, was delighted with this turn of events. The return of Max Fricke is not only a huge addition to all sports in Manchester, but also motorways on a national scale. Lemon told the official Manchester club website that he was a man who honed his skills at Belle Vue for five years before qualifying for the Grand Prix, and we are thrilled to be back in 2022.

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Frick is not the only player to join the Manchester squad on December 6. In addition, Charles Wright, the former singles champion of Great Britain, who in 2018 participated in four meetings of the Opole Colleggers, was also bound by the contract.

Charles was excited to be back at the Aces and we saw glimpses of his potential last season. He is a high-quality athlete and has a lot to offer this club. I am convinced that it will use its capabilities – noted Mark Lemon.

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