With the qualifying rounds canceled, the only way to win promotion to SEC on the track will be the Challenge Championship. The competition will start in Pardubice, among other things, two representatives from Poland.

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Patrick Duddick versus Leon Madsen

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The final of this year’s SEC Challenge was to be held at Cressco. However, Slovenians resigned from the organization due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the event was transferred to the Czech Pardubice. Let’s add that the qualifying rounds were canceled earlier.

The competition will be held in five places that will be awarded promotion to the series that will start on June 12th in Bydgoszcz. Two Polish representatives – Jakob Jammrug and Patrick Dodik – will fight for the right to start on the SEC.

The players who finished in the top five in 2020 are sure to participate in the tournament: Robert Lambert, Leon Madsen, Nikki Pedersen (for Gregorigaguta), Michael Michelsen and Bartuch Smecta.

The next five places will be taken by participants in the SEC Challenge, and the series’ organizers will then award five more permanent wild cards.

The SEC 2021 tournament will consist of four tournaments. They will be held in Bydgoszcz (June 12), Gestro (June 26), Gdansk (July 3) and Repnik (July 10). The championship title will be defended by Robert Lambert.

The SEC Challenge will take place on May 22.

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SEC Challenge Starter List:
1. Timo Lahti (Finland)
2. Nicola Kovati (Italy)
3. Vadim Tarasenko (Russia)
4. Andrei Lepidio (Latvia)
5. Alexander Oktago (Ukraine)
6. Patrick Hansen (Dania)
7. Sergey Logachev (Russia)
8. Jakob Jammroug (Poland)
9. Kai Hockenbeek (Germany)
10. David Bellego (France)
11. Eric Rees (Germany)
12. Jacob Thorsel (Sweden)
13. Joseph Frank (Czech Republic)
14. Daniel Bewley (Great Britain)
15th. Pontus Aspgren (Sweden)
16. Patrick Dudek (Poland)
R1. Edward Karkmar (Czech Republic)
R2. Hynek Hospital (Czech Republic)

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