There is no transfer period for U24 Ekstraliga, so clubs can sign contracts whenever they want. Eltrox Włókniarz Częstochowa on Friday boasted a long-term contract with the Great Britain representative.

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Jonas Jepsen

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In the November transfer window, Eltrox Włókniarz Częstochowa signed two initial contracts – with Andrei Rozaliuk, who had a Warsaw contract in the 2021 season, and with Rune Holta, who had just signed a contract as the Ukrainian.

On Friday, Jordan Jenkins joined the squad for the U-24 Extraliga. The contract will be valid for three years, and for Jenkins himself, next season will be the last among the juniors.

– Signing a three-year contract with Włókniarz is like reaching for the stars – says Jenkins in an interview with Club Service.

Watch the video highway. He doesn’t know the racetrack, but he is convinced that he will do well in all conditions

– I’ve only heard good things about this club and I’m very excited that I’ll be going to Sistochowa in 2022 and meet the rest of our squad. I hope the fans will love my ride and do well with Włókniarz – adds the sixth MIM UK rider.

Eltrox Włókniarz in the aforementioned U24 Ekstraliga competition will have Rozaliuk, as well as Jonas Jepsen and Kajetan Kopeck.

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