Next Sunday at 15:00, the Trans MF Landshut Devils will host the ROW Rybnik as part of their League One eWinner Round 13 meeting. We got to know the recommended lineup for this match.

Michael Melnik

Christian Peszek

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Rosochacki / Pictured: Krystian Pieszczek.

In the standings of both teams there were no changes regarding the last league match.

Recommended lineups:

ROW Rybnik:
1. Christian Peszek
2. Nikolai Klindt
3. Andreas Lieger
4. Patrick Wagdeo
5. Grzegorz Zengota
6. Casper Techkoch
7. Paweł Trześniewski

Demons via M.F. Landshut:
9. Kai Hockenbeck
10. Kim Nelson
11. Eric Reese
12. Mads Hansen
13. Dimitri Berg
14. Norick Blodorn
15th. Eric Bachober

Beginning of the meeting: 15:00
Judge: raise your cup
path host: Krzysztof nuts
Chairman of the jury: Marek Wojczyk
First match result: ROW 53:37 Demons

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