On August 28, the second and final match of this year’s Singles World Long Track Championships will be held in Rzeszow. We just learned the starting list for this event, which includes the names of three Polish actors.

Stanislaw and Rona

Adam Skornicki

WP SportoweFakty / Weronika Waresiak / Adam Skórnicki

The tournament will be held on the last Saturday of August, at the Municipal Stadium in Rzeszow. We already know that Stanisław Borza will present a “wild card” in this competition – just like last year and the 2013 season. Last year’s student Unia Tarnów caused quite a stir in the final in Rzeszów, where he finished third. Soon he will have the opportunity to show his best side again.

Poland, as the organizer, still had places for two reserves. Thus, in the final in Rzeszow, they will be filled by Adam Skornicki and Marcin Sekula, who, along with Borza, were named to the national team in the canceled Long Course of Nations final. Thus, coach Orzel Łódź, Poland’s singles champion in 2008, will have a chance to get back on the track after a few years of stopping to race the classic highway.

Kenneth Cross Hansen is on the starting roster at number one, but he won’t start this event as he recently announced the end of the season. We do not yet know whether he will be replaced by a candidate or, for example, the first reserve player in the final, namely Adam Skornicki.

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The final of the World Singles Championships in Rzeszow on the long track will be the second and last of the season. Previously, only one could be played, and it was held on July 13 in French Marmandy, where Dimitri Berg won with a wild card. Romano Hamill and Heink Oetishauer were still on the podium at the time.

The next two final tournaments in Herxheim and Morizes have been canceled due to the situation related to the coronavirus pandemic. The Long Track of Nations final, scheduled for the end of September in Rhoden, the Netherlands, has been canceled in a similar fashion.

Starting list for IMŚ’s second long-track final – Rzeszów, August 28, 2021:
Kenneth Croce Hansen #333 (Denmark)
2. Stanisław Burza #15 (Poland) – Wild Card
3 – Theo Bijber #115 (Netherlands)
4 – Bernd Diener No. 10 (Germany)
5. Josef Frank #444 (Czech Republic)
Thomas Helm Jonasson #30 (Switzerland)
7. Max Dilger No. 31 (Germany)
8. Romano Hamill #666 (Netherlands)
9 – Lucas Finhaghi #125 (Germany)
10 – Jesse Mostonn #95 (Finland)
11 – Martin Smolensky #84 (Germany)
12. James Sheen No. 93 (Great Britain)
13. Zach Wajtknecht #109 (UK)
14. Chris Harris #37 (UK)
15 – Heinek Steschauer #86 (Czech)
16. Adam Skornicki #16 (Poland) – Reserve
17. Marcin Sekula #17 (Poland) – Reserve

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