April 29, 2022, 09:48

A recording of an alpha version of Skull and Bones has appeared on the web. Thanks to him, we already know what the upcoming production will look like.


  • video skull and bones.
  • The video shows the upcoming game from Ubisoft.
  • The material comes from the alpha version of the title, which has passed internal testing.

skull and bones Behind it is a long, bumpy road, but the title seems to be going straight. This has not been confirmed by the official authorities only Reports And gossip.

There is also a video on the web showing the game from the time of alpha testing. The production appears to be fully playable, giving hope to gamers who have been waiting for the title.

The beginning of the pirate adventure

Posted on the site stream The video is a movie presented to the world’s players skull and bones. It provides a lot of information about the game and the mechanisms that govern it.

The material reveals, for example, that one of the most important factors affecting our character will be its pirated reputation. During the game, we will take care of our reputation, which we will increase, among other things, by executing orders.

A greater reputation will translate into many more profits. A high reputation will allow, for example, to build more powerful ships. At first, we will get a small and poorly armed dao.

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An important aspect of the game will be taking care of our ship’s supplies. As captain, we have to remember to provide our crew with adequate supplies. Without them, our journey could end quickly.

Not only management

The short film also focuses on the more enjoyable aspects of the gameplay in skull and bones. Players are waiting, among others, many wonderful battles in which we will send countless enemy ships to the bottom.

We will also transfer the engagements to the yards of the enemy units by going up. Defeating the opponent in this way will give us access to more valuable loot.

If we get tired of fighting, we will focus on exploring the great open world. It is meant to be full of secrets and treasures just waiting to be discovered and used.

You will also be able to develop your own pirate hideouts. They will allow you to safely store the acquired property, as well as engage in various side activities.

However, please note that the video in question relates to an early version of the game, which was released as part of internal testing. Therefore, many of the displayed items may change. However, the material gives us insight into what it looks like skull and bones.