Britain’s Matt Weston has won his second World Cup skeleton competition of the season. The same times were achieved by the Chinese Geng Wenqiang and the German Christopher Grotheer.

Events like today rarely happen even in the skeleton, where the differences at the finish line are usually minimal. After the first slide, Matt Weston was up front, slightly ahead of Geng Wenqiang and Christopher Grotheer. On the second slide, everything stabilized and all three had the same total time for the three slides. For the Briton, this is the first cup win of his career, and previously there was a second time, a year ago, also on the Olympic track at the Eagles. The Chinese will also appear for the first time on top of the podium, having previously finished third, at La Plagne in 2020. The most awarded is of course the German, who has two world championships to his credit, but interestingly, this was only the second time he had It’s the best in the World Cup.

In addition to Grotheer, we had a favorite massacre today. Martins Ducours, who probably needs no introduction, was only 11 years old. Last week’s winner, Alexander Tretyakov, was two places higher. In the top eight, there was a place for two less famous Russians, Nikita Trigobo and Władysław Siemenow, and two Asians, another Chinese whose figure is clearly growing a few months before the Beijing Olympics – Yan Wengang and Korean Gong Songe, for whom the result was. The Igls is the best of my career. Experienced German Axel Jungk completed the lead. At the moment, Americans, Canadians and Austrians do not count at all.

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The Olympic season has just begun, but it will already be interesting and the results of individual competitions will be difficult to predict.

1 – Matt Weston (UK)
1 – Ging Wenqiang (Chinese)
1 – Christopher Grother (Germany)
4 – Jun Sooyoungji (South Korea)
5 – Axel Jungk (Germany)
6 – Nikita Trigobo (Russia)
7 – Vadislav Semenov (Russia)
8 – Yan Wengang (Cheney)

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