In fact, one knows about such cases and not from other contexts. From movie heroes, pop stars or athletes. When marathon runner Waldemar Serpinski won gold at the 1980 Olympics, commentator Heinz-Florian Ortel exclaimed the legendary words, “Dear young fathers or prospective fathers—be brave! Feel free to call the newcomers today, Waldemar!”

But after a politician? “She helped a lot of people. She helped us,” Father Ezzat said when asked about Merkel. Choosing a name that is still thought to be made is spot on, and that’s obvious.

Postage from Angela to Angela

Now Angela, who loves to dance, has already started her career at school. When asked if tall Angela is cute, she answers, “Yes.” The fact that she received mail when she started school may also contribute to the verdict: Merkel’s office sent her a picture of the former chancellor. send d. with greetings. “For Angela” written on it. Signed by Angela.

The contact was made by a couple from Cologne who had been helping the family on a voluntary basis to coexist in Germany for years. The photo will be delivered on this day. Angela quickly puts it next to her bag. Now you see four faces: Angela, Angela, Anna and Elsa. These are the main characters of the movie “Frozen” and can be seen on the backpack. Angela is a fan, and looks forward to school – even no matter what amenities she promises her schoolbag. “When I eat all the sweets, I’ll go to school,” she asserts.

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“She stays here.”

In fact, in the years since 2015, there have been reports of families from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq giving their children the first name Angela. Today they are somewhat forgotten. For many, New Year’s Eve in Cologne at the end of 2015 marked the end of the welcoming culture. Merkel is also no longer in office – and several other major issues are now grouped before refugee policy. Russia, energy, all that.

But when you come face to face with little Angela, a lot of that memory suddenly comes back to you. In a way it is also a part of German history that is now taught. For Father Ezzat, Merkel remains a superstar anyway, even without a position. “She stays here,” he says. At the same time, he clicks on his heart.