By decision of the President of the Republic of Poland, up to five lecturers from MUB and one academic teacher from BUT were awarded the title of Professor.

Photo: PB / UMB

By decision of the President of the Republic of Poland on January 4, 2021, one teacher from Biaاليystok University of Technology and five academic teachers from Biaystok Medical University were awarded academic titles of professor.

a. social science

Dr. Love. Johanna Mukzidowska from Bialystok University of Technology was awarded the title of Professor of Social Sciences.

a. Joanna Mukzidlovska specializes in human capital management issues. Since 2015, he is an employee of the Faculty of Management Engineering at Bialystok University of Technology and Head of the Department of Management, Economics and Finance.

130 people have the title of Professor at MUB

Currently at Bialystok Medical University: 130 full professors and 162 associate professors. The titles of the new professor were awarded to:

– a. Doctor Hub. Agnieszka Błachnio-Zabielska, a biology graduate at Biaystok University. In 2013, she obtained her post-doctoral degree, and since 2016 she has held the position of Head of the Department of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Metabolic Disorders.

– a. Doctor Hub. Anna Moniusko Malinowska is a graduate of the Medical School of the Medical Academy in Biaystok and the Economics School in Warsaw. She specializes in internal medicine, infectious diseases, and marine and tropical medicine. In 2017, she was appointed as Chair of Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Medicine of Bialystok Medical University, then as Chair of National Inter-sectoral Doctoral Studies.

– a. Doctor Hub. Adam Hermannovi تخرج graduated from Biaystok Medical University in 2002, then began work in the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Urology at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital, first as a doctoral student and then as an assistant. In 2014 he obtained a qualified doctor degree.

– a. Doctor Hub. Sławomir Ławicki is a graduate of two faculties of Bialystok Medical University i.e. Medical Analytics and Medicine. He also completed his postgraduate studies in “Management and Finance in Healthcare” at the University of Economics in Wroclaw. He has medical specialties in laboratory diagnosis and family medicine and is in the process of specializing in occupational medicine. In 2003, he obtained a doctorate degree in medical sciences, and in 2014 – a postdoctoral degree in medical sciences.

– a. Doctor Hub. Iwa Sirco is a graduate of the Medical School in Bialystok. He is a specialist in radiation oncology. In addition to being a lecturer at Bialystok Medical University, he also works in the Department of Radiotherapy at the Bialystok Cancer Center, and from 2020 he is the Head of the Department of Radiation Therapy.