Already some time ago, Natalia Siwick decided that she would spend the autumn-winter period in warm Mexico. It soon turned out that buying a house there would be more profitable than staying overnight in hotels.

As I decided, I did. For several months, she has been staying there with her husband Marius Radoszewski and daughter Mia.

The holidays did not go as planned

However, the model decided not to spend this year’s vacation in Poland or Mexico. But she and her relatives wanted to spend Easter in the United States.

But at the airport in Mexico, the family faced a troublesome situation. It turns out that the model’s husband has expired visa to the United States. So he couldn’t fly with the women of his life, and several-year-old Siwick and Mia almost missed the plane.

Later it was only worse. As Natalia reported on her social media, Mia “pee all her clothes” in her sleep. Finally, in Salt Lake City, there was a long wait for bags. Those were supposed to, by mistake, go to the check-in point for the second time.

Admittedly, it was an adventurous trip. However, we hope that the star will spend the rest of the holidays in a calm and family atmosphere despite the absence of her husband.

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