the side A costume-adorned mini-series that will offer viewers a new, more contemporary perspective on the life of the Empress of the Habsburgs. Elisabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sisi, is a true pop culture icon. You don’t have to be a history buff to know this. Certainly even those who have not seen the classics of this genre before Romy Schneider championship.

The German production has a chance to conquer the Polish screens on December 26 – at 21:30 it will be shown on the Epic Drama channel. New episodes will air every day until December 31. The mini-series gives you the opportunity to get to know the rebellious empress better. Why is it worth dedicating your time to it? You can read about it below.

Sisi is a hero

It is noteworthy that none of the series the sideNor cult films with Romy Schneider are biographies that accurately describe the life of Empress Elizabeth – in them we will find many fictional threads. Both producers also have in common that they emphasize Sisi’s uniqueness. Of course, the new version is different, but it also shows the beauty and complexity of the character of the Empress. Interestingly, the side It is not a praise song in honor of the main character. It doesn’t show her as the perfect woman. Elizabeth was a strong personality and this is what distinguished her from the times in which she lived. The new short series emphasizes her innovative approach to many issues. That is why it is able to attract the interest of viewers and reach a new generation that could not have reached a film from the fifties of the last century. Thanks to this, contemporary recipients of pop culture can learn about its history.

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glamor fashion

The most famous fashion chain was created in the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries have the biggest budgets and the best fashion professionals. the side It is a mini series produced in Germany, but the quality is equal to the work of experienced artists. The costumes are a strong point of the series – the costumes surprise with their splendor and attention to detail. The dress of the main character in the first episodes (when she was preparing for the wedding with Emperor Francis) was decorated and refined in every detail. Sisi looks like a princess from a fairy tale! Fortunately, this does not take away the realism and originality of the series.

Sisi is also a love story

first episodes the side It reveals that it is a love story in an interesting fashion. Usually in masquerade dramas we get plots, intrigues and power struggles. This is not in the new series. However, there is love, which in itself is an extraordinary challenge. It’s not a perfect feel without a hint of historical authenticity. Sisi is a naive young girl who does not know life yet and does not fully understand why her future husband willingly uses the services of concubines. On the other hand, Francis is a man full of contradictions. Young, unruly and aggressive, but at the same time innocent, and a bit immature. His only look at the chosen one reveals the feelings that run in him. He forms a pair with Sisi, constrained by mores and politics.

Great politics in the background

The miniseries is set in turbulent times when politics has played an important role. After all, it was a period of wars in Europe. Let’s add that Francesc’s relationship with the Russian Tsar was not easy. The series shows that being an emperor involves making tough decisions. The wrong choice can end tragically. This is perfectly illustrated by the sight of Sisi’s arrival in Vienna – some are glad to see her, others wish her dead. A part of society is just waiting for the monarchy to collapse. The historical background makes Elizabeth’s adventures on screen very attractive to the contemporary viewer.

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visual atmosphere

Finally, there is another, no less important aspect – the side It is also worth seeing because of the beautiful pictures. Some of them are breathtaking! Example? The protagonist is riding a horse, and the camera’s eye quietly follows her every movement. Thus a scene that seems almost ordinary becomes mystical. In this series, we see beautiful landscapes. We can also admire the rich interiors that the operator can capture in his tires in a surprisingly successful way. This includes thanks to the images, we can fully believe in the world of the story presented.

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If the above arguments appeal to you and you are looking for an atmospheric fashion chain that will be the perfect choice for the holidays – the side It will appear on Epic Drama on December 26th at 21:30.