Tomas Sakiewicz, editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Polska” commented: The current crisis in Ukraine He criticized former Foreign Minister Radoslav Sikorsky.

– The journalist told TVP Info: – He frightened the Ukrainians that they should submit to the pro-Russian president, he played with a pro-Russian tone.

Radoslav Sikorsky’s response did not take long. The politician from the Civic Alliance wrote on Twitter: “For your lies, you pigs lost weight in the cash register and should respectfully replace you.”

Sikorsky Lisbork: Offended pigs? Sorry

Unexpectedly, the discussion was joined by Seluya Spurek, a member of the European Parliament in 2019 on behalf of Robert Pedro’s “Spring” party.


“Your Excellency, I can understand your emotions, but please leave the animals alone. The Polish language is very rich and you don’t have to use phrases that deepen stereotyped thinking about animals and their treatment. Please think about it” – Spurek wrote.

Radoslav Sikorsky replied: “So you offended the pigs? I’m sorry.”


“Please think about it. Is fighting for respect for non-human animals really worth mocking? Don’t you really understand that such language promotes objective thinking about animals, and strengthens the culture of animal use, exploitation, and killing?” The leftist MEP added another entry.

Siluya Sporek’s agenda

Celuia Sporek is a well-known vegan fan. The problem is that he wants to force a complete abandonment of meat consumption on others through legal prohibitions.

In one of her Twitter entries, Spurek outlined, among other things, the timeframes for implementing the individual phases of the agenda they are pushing.

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In 2023, the European Parliament saw a ban on the use of animals in circuses and dolphins and a ban on hunting, including fishing. Two years later, animal testing was banned. In the year 2040, in her vision, there is a complete ban on animal husbandry. In ‘now’ the MEP indicates that animal protection will be introduced into the constitution.