Belgian authorities ordered her representative in Seoul to leave the facility and lifted his wife’s immunity after she beat up two clothes shop employees in April. Information provided by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Korean news agency Yonhap reported that Police have questioned Ambassador Peter Lesquher’s wife, Xiang Xueqiu, about a slap in the face of one worker and the other on the back. The incident happened after a saleswoman stopped her as she was leaving the store because they mistakenly believed she had stolen some of the assortment.

“We have lifted its diplomatic immunity at the request of the police,” the Belgian foreign ministry wrote in a statement. He also added that In light of this incident, Liskoher, representing Belgium since June 2018, cannot exercise his position in a “quiet manner”.

“Foreign Secretary Sophie Willems has decided that it is a matter of bilateral relations The best thing is to boycott Ambassador Liskuhair this summerير– It was given.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry, when asked by the KCNA if the waiver of Chiang Xueqiu’s diplomatic immunity would entail criminal proceedings, replied that it “understands that.” Immunity does not extend to steps following a police investigation, such as trial and punishment.”

Lesqueher apologized for the incident on behalf of his wife and assured him that he would fully cooperate with the local police during the investigation.

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However, his Facebook post has received public criticism. This apology was deemed insincere. It also sparked outrage by the fact that the ambassador’s wife did not do it herself.


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