The Australian state of Victoria on Thursday called on several hundred protesters who protested in Melbourne on Wednesday to get tested for the coronavirus after it was revealed that a protester had been hospitalized with the coronavirus.

The state health department issued a statement appealing to protesters not to ignore even the slightest symptoms of infection and to get tested.

protests in australia

The demonstrations that took place on Wednesday are a continuation of the three-day protests against them restrictions Compulsory vaccinations against the Covid-19 virus for workers in the construction sector.

Victoria detected the largest number of infections since the pandemic began on Thursday – 766, and four people have died from Covid-19.

In turn, on Monday in Melbourne, hundreds of people attacked the headquarters of the Federation of Construction, Forestry, Marine, Mining and Energy (CFMEU), protesting against the vaccination obligation. Violent clashes took place with the police and the city was paralyzed. At least 66 protesters were arrested.

The construction sector may face further restrictions, including the suspension of operations. State officials have released figures saying that as many as 73 percent of construction sites, established anti-Covid rules have been violated.

Policemen attack people

protests in australia It lasted for several weeks. From time to time, netizens post recordings on social media showing the sadistic actions of state officials against Australians. The material comes from different cities, incl. From Melbourne and Sydney.

For example, one of the recordings that surfaced online after the protests shows armed policemen jumping out of a truck, running toward people in the street and knocking them to the ground. Another video showed an officer strangling a woman.

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