Griggs, an employee at the popular British bakery, has been fired from her job after filming a video showing the number of sandwiches and donuts “being thrown away every day”.

Nicole Iwalo, 21, has recorded and posted a video online showing how much food is not sold in a Romford, London store, which is being packaged and disposed of.

The film sparked thousands of angry comments on social media and complaints from the British bakery giant.

Nicole, who posted the snaps on TikTok, says she was sent home from work the next day and fired after just weeks.

The woman had been working in a branch on Western Road for a month, but said she started feeling “awesome” and felt guilty when she saw how much food was wasted.

The video, which was recorded on November 27, showed six garbage bags filled with foods that Nicole said she later collected by garbage collectors.

Romford’s Nicole posted a video on TikToku, adding the comment that there are many hungry people in the world and that a lot of food gets thrown away every day.

She said a lot of food is wasted every day in just one Greggs store.

Greggs’ official policy is that the company “hates food waste” and that “our priority is to donate unsold food to those in need.”

This food is donated through partnerships with charities and sold at discounted prices through convenience stores and the “Too Good To Go” app, but the statement acknowledged that not every store has such partnerships.

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Nicole found that the department in which she worked assigned only two small bags to such organizations and the rest of the food was discarded.

“On that day, I felt the need to record and post it because I felt bad while throwing so much food,” she said.

The video she posted quickly went viral with 450,000 views, over 6,000 likes and over 3,500 comments, mostly criticizing Griggs.