In the Netherlands, a woman has been stealing her sons for years. She took out student loans in the amount of 160,000 PLN. euro. Earlier, her mother also cheated for €60,000. When the case arose, she left for Germany.

“Oddly unbelievable” is how Tupantia told the story of the Van Horn family in Nijverdahl in the eastern Netherlands.

According to the newspaper, the mother deceived her three sons into more than 160 thousand. euro. In 2016, they learned they had about 57,000 to believe. Euro student loans they never took.

Their mother did it for them. For years, she covered up the fraud, hiding her correspondence and from her children Disconnect the home phone هاتفSo that creditors can’t go home.

Confronted by a son, who was finally summoned by a debt collection company representative, she confessed everything, and then She packed her bags and left the house.

Daily reports indicate that she has moved to Germany. Over time, her other tricks appeared. The children told the newspaper that their grandmother had been deceived.

The mother called the bank and pretended to be an old woman and asked to send her a new ATM card. I stole it for 60 thousand. euro. The grandmother died shortly thereafter.

A year after the sons reported the case to the prosecutor’s office, the prosecution determined that there was little evidence of fraud and discontinued the investigation. The children continue to pay their “debts”. “We have already paid 22,000 euros,” one of them told the newspaper. But now they are considering filing a civil case for their mother.

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