Netflix has shared some pictures with the series’ characters Shadow and bones This is a fictional new production based on a series of books for young people he wrote Lee Bardogo.

Shadow and Bone – the first images from the series. When is the first show?

Shadow and Bones This is the first volume Triple GrishaWhich is included in Grisha universe Authoring Lee Bardogo. These youth novels are popular in Poland, too. Tells us the size on which the new Netflix series is based Alene Starkov, A soldier discovers a hidden magical power within herself. Set in a world divided into a barrier of eternal darkness, as brutal creatures feed on the human body. When Alina tries to discover her strength, she finds a way to reunite her land. However, nothing is so simple, because it quickly became clear that there were dangerous forces conspiring against it. In this world, thugs, thieves, murderers and saints fight, and survival takes more than magic.

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A release date has also been announced – the first season of the 8-hour episode will begin on Netflix on April 23rd.