The 8-episode series “Sexify” appeared on Netflix on Wednesday, April 28th. The next day, it was already the second most popular product on the platform in Poland, and as of April 30, it was in the lead – data collected by the Flixpatrol service offering.

Sexify has also become the most popular Netflix title in many other countries. Since May 1, I have held this position in India, on May 3 I jumped on it in Lebanon, and on May 1 and 2 in Jamaica.

In Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Austria, Israel, Hungary and Ukraine, the series has been ranked second or third since April 30, and in many other countries, including. Spain, Sweden, Canada, Malaysia, Australia and Argentina remain in the top five.

“Sexify” has gained much less popularity in Great Britain (it did not appear in the top ten) and the United States (on April 30 and May 1 it was in 10th place, then dropped out of the top ten).

“Sexify”: description and cast

Netflix has announced Sexify, a moral comedy directed by Kalina Alabrodzinska and Piotr Dumaloski. The couple also wrote the screenplay for the show.

It is a story of friendship between three young female students entering adulthood. Young people who strive for self-fulfillment, self-acceptance, and self-understanding will definitely find a reflection of their lives in “Sexify”. The stories described in the series are universal, so they can be very close to many people, said Anna Nagler, director of local original series at Netflix in an interview with

The main characters were played by Alexandra Scraba, Maria Sobuciyska and Sandra Drzymalska. Also featured in “Sexify” is Małgorzata Foremniak (Joanna – Monica’s mother), Cesare Pazora (Maric – Monica’s father), Zbigniew Zamachowski (Dziekan), Bartosz Gelner (Konrad), Piotr Pacek (Mariusz), Wojci Solarz (Doktor) Krynicki. ), Jan Weitzka (Adam), Iowa Zykoleska (Porter), Sebastian Stankovic (Gaba), Magda Grzyowska (Lilith) and Edita Turhan (Natalia’s mother).

Akson Studio was responsible for producing the series.

At the end of March this year. Netflix had 207.64 million users, compared to 182.86 million the year before and 203.66 million at the end of December last year. In the last quarter, the number of subscribers increased by 3.98 million, well below the 6 million increase the company had expected.

In 2021, the platform intends to spend $ 17 billion on its own content. In the first quarter, her biggest hits were “Destiny: The Winx Saga,” “Lupine,” and “Ginny & Georgia,” and the Polish movie “Love to the Square” had 31 million viewers.