Now available on Netflix, “Sentinelle” replicates all the classic thrillers and revenge movies, but with little success. This time a woman entered the typical men’s shoes. Star Olga Kurylenko.

Clara (played by Olga Kurylenko) is a professional soldier and translator. We meet her during an exciting mission in Syria that ends in tragedy, and for Clara herself, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, the woman is not able to fully return to normal life. After returning to her hometown, her sister Tania was severely beaten and raped by members of the Russian oligarchy. Clara decides to find her sister’s tormentors and get justice.

You don’t have to be a cinematographer to see a whole lot of minor components in the plot of “Sentinelle”.

Of course, when subtly put together, the story is engaging, the sequence of events is exciting, and we usually get a recommended revenge action / thriller movie. Unfortunately, this is not the case with “Sentinelle”. The creators mix themes from “Rambo” in their work, add a little “John Wick”, sprinkle the phrase “Atomic blond”, then finally add a dash of sauce to me “Are taken.” But they do it all so carelessly that the end result cannot be seen without a strong dose of steroids. Or even waking up.

The action, or rather a distant reverberation, is ruthlessly prolonged. The director, Julian Leclerc, has a totally zero sense of rhythm and suspense, and there’s almost no tension in this movie. The action scenes are limited to a few brawls, a messy and boring bathroom fight (you know, a classic of the genre), a pitiful street chase, where “Driving Miss Daisy” appears to be a thriller, and a casual shootout at the end. The conclusion is so frank that the truth alone struck me more than the action scenes in “Sentinelle”. Let me mention that they were all filmed with the disastrous and lethargic hand of the director and photographer without any visual imagination or sense of style (even if it was a naturalistic style).

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It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a movie that will try to describe itself as a drama, thriller, or action movie, but will be extremely indifferent. And his music will be very poorly composed, which instead of emphasizing or increasing the tempo of drama, it muddles the whole thing even more.

But, if you think about it, if the action is lean, the essence of “Sentinelle” is in the plot. Error!

The plot is shallow and handwritten as heavy as the direction. We have a shocked woman seeking revenge on her sister’s tormentor. Much. There is no other bottom here. There is no story searching for a second life, redemption. Yes, I know, John Wake is the story of a retired killer who is upset over the murder of his dog. But in this type of production what matters is the ingenuity, style and imagination with which the formal class is wrapped. And in “Wick,” the creators gave us flashing eyes under the skin for fans of the genre, as well as massive fighting sequences. This is missing in “Sentinelle”.

Olga Kurylenko, although at first it seemed to me an inconspicuous and interesting choice for the role, in the end it turned out that it was a mistake in choosing the film. The actress is completely out of this role. He walks most of the session with a stone or blurry expression on his face. She is totally unconvincing as a movie avenger, but also as a professional soldier.

Moreover, at one point in the film, there were scenes of her patrolling with other soldiers, during which she is subjected to an aggressive attack and pounces heavily on an abusive man, then reaches for a pistol to shoot an innocent civilian and one moment later she almost fainted. All this in front of colleagues. Then he returned to service as if nothing had happened, and went on patrol with weapons in his hand, also in the following days. from his books? Clara in her performance and according to the creativity of the creators does not resemble the heroine of the work, but rather an emotionally unstable person on the verge of collapse. I don’t know if this is a good model for the action heroine.

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Actually, I don’t even know how to rate “Sentinelle”.

The movie started somewhat like “Black Hawk Down,” but soon turns out to be more like the final credits of Scott’s work … in slow motion.

I thought it would be a solid action movie, but sorry, one scene that takes place on the street for 30 seconds is not an action movie in my movie dictionary. drama? Oh no, there are traces of psychological drama, but they are very shallow in that regard. excitement? Well, actually much closer to “Sentinelle” than a thriller movie. Like this old man, in a version for hyperactive people, to calm them down or help them sleep.

I also recommend this movie to you, even if you are not hyperactive. “Sentinelle” at bedtime would be better than a bucket of lemon balm.

You can watch the movie on Netflix.