“The Secret Lives of Polish Cities” – as the name implies – is a look at Polish cities through the lens of Pstrykelov, i.e. Mishaw Krzyszkowski. His pictures speak of a feeling of loss and alienation in a big city.
The people in his photos are usually alone, and even when they are not, they seem lonely, small in size, and of little importance to urban space, architecture and light. It is a reflection of what the author himself often feels in a big city. Somehow, he loves this muddled state. For him, street photography is an active meditation – he is moving in the fresh air. Then, although he is among the people, he spends his time with himself and his thoughts.

– I’m so intuitive – explain Krzyszkowski. – I am looking for something that captivates me, and when I see it, I act. It is generally a mixture of interesting surroundings, light and a necessarily human element. Street people’s life. Without it, images usually lack something. When it comes to conveying the images I take, it is a collection of my feelings and reflections towards the surrounding reality, towards social and cultural changes. Everyone can, of course, and should interpret these images in their own way. However, in my pictures I find myself some loneliness, confusion, sadness, sometimes infatuation, sometimes absurdity…

Mikai Krzyszkowski (Pastrekilov) depicts the street, especially the streets of Warsaw. His photos show noticeable and unspoken situations, and the heroes of the photos are unknown passers-by and the city space itself. Pstrikailov is the main prize winner of the Fujifilm Moment Street Photo Awards 2020 organized by the Center for Cultural Promotion and the finalist in the world’s largest street photography competition Miami Street Photo Festival (2020).

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Photo by Michai Krzyszkowski

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