Classic biography clips Sean Connery Meeting Paul Gascoigne at Ibrox resurfaced on social media after a Notifications A fan posted the video in honor of the legendary star.

Scottish icon Connery passed away at the age of 90, resulting in a massive outpouring of appreciation for the lives and careers of the actors.

He was a regular guest in Govan during David Murray’s reign despite previous allegiances to Celtic as a boy.

The video shows Connery welcoming English midfield genius Gazza to the club and talking about what he can expect from his move to Scotland.

a star Jasjin He was caught walking away sarcastically: “Shook hands there. Imagine the hand was on many pairs of boobs!”

Estimated fans widely shared the video, with one user captioning: “Legends together.”

Here is the full transcript as the two stars met in front of Ibrox cache.

Connery: “Welcome to Ibrox.”

Gascoigne: “Thanks. Yes, my sister met you in France.”

Connery: “That’s right, yeah.

Gascoigne: “You’re bigger than I thought!”

Connery: Always! Always!

Gascoigne: “Do you attend a lot of games? Any advice?”

Connery: “Well, you’re going to get a lot of massages here. That’s part of the deal I guess, taking care of that. You’ll have a lot of them giving you a lot of bunnies.”

Gascoigne: “Yes, a lot of rabbit?”

Connery: “Yeah, but you can handle that!”