Fun for fans of horror and suspense adventures. On the Airbnb platform, you can rent a house from the famous movie “Scream”. Horror movie fans will be able to spend Halloween at this unique venue for just $5.

A rental company at its own expense renovated the home of the famous 1996 horror film directed by Wes Craven. Now it looks almost identical to the movie. A new element appeared in it – a stained-glass window depicting a characteristic assassin in a white mask.

The house is located in Marin County, Northern California.

A house from the movie “Scream” for rent

Visitors will be greeted (almost) by Sheriff Dewey Riley, aka actor David Arquette. Guests will be able to organize a movie marathon consisting of the four parts of the series. and on VHS tapes to stay true to the zeitgeist. Owners will also be able to connect with Ghostface. However, CNN notes that the masked killer tends to ring first, so visitors can expect calls all night long.

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Fans of “Krzyku” will have a choice of three dates of stay for one day. The last one is Halloween. There will be four guests in the house. However, CNN notes that given the high demand, simply booking a place to stay would be a huge achievement.

House from the movie “Scream”Airbnb

The show will be available on October 12th. If the COVID-19 pandemic makes it impossible to stay home, Airbnb has pledged to provide guests with a $1,000 overnight voucher.

The house from the horror movie will appear on Airbnb just two months before the 25th anniversary of the first part’s premiere.

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Main image source: Airbnb