Another record number of coronavirus infections was recorded in Scotland for the fourth time this week. Over the past day, more than 7,000 of them have been detected – it was reported on Sunday.

Sunday’s tally of new infections rose by nearly 300 from Friday’s previous record. But compared to the number of infections from the previous Sunday, it’s now nearly 4,000. That’s more than double the number of infections on Sunday, August 22.

There are about 5.47 million people in Scotland, including about 88 thousand. pillars.

The worst data since the beginning of the epidemic

From 23 to 29 August in Scotland for the first time Since the beginning of the epidemic It so happened that within a day the number of detected infections exceeded 5000 (on Wednesday), then 6000 (on Friday) and now 7 thousand. Sunday.

An increasing number of injuries are restricting students to return to school. In Scotland, unlike England and Wales, the new school year has already begun.

Scottish authorities said about two-thirds of new infections were found in people under the age of 40. Because it mostly affects young adults, the infection doesn’t translate into hospitalizations and deaths as much as it did in the previous wave.

Despite this, the public health service is under severe pressure, said Hamza Yusuf, the Scottish government’s health minister, on Sunday. There are currently 507 patients in hospitals in Scotland due to COVID-19, 57 of whom are in intensive care units.

420.6 thousand people have been detected in Scotland since the beginning of the epidemic. Casualties in which 8,111 people died.

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Meanwhile, as reported on Sunday, nearly 33.2 thousand people have been detected across the UK in the past 24 hours. infection and 61 deaths from Covid-19.

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