Details of this new method are available on the pages AGU From a report I made Zhenga Lin, a Japanese researcher, you can find out among other things that as the waves rise in the ocean, they produce themselves Very strong magnetic field. It is his measurement that is supposed to provide information about a possible tsunami, which is supposed to be Helping emergency services to evacuate dangerous areas faster.

To confirm their hypothesis, scientists from Kyoto University decided to consider two such disasters – It’s about the 2009 tsunami in Samoa (a small country in Oceania) and the element that hit Chile in 2010. The study used data from seafloor pressure and magnetic field measurements that were recorded during the formation of large waves. Japanese researchers have shown The relationship between these two elements, which eventually confirmed that magnetic fields appear before the sea level change that can be seen during a tsunami.

At the same time, it has been observed that for different water depths, the results will be slightly different, but this has been clarified At 4.8 km, the magnetic field becomes “visible” to the measuring equipment about 1 minute before the sea level change.

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Said Nisha Shnepf, a geomagnetic researcher at the University of Colorado at Boulder, who was not involved in the study. Scientists in Japan noticed that The change in the magnetic field was so great that it was possible to detect waves up to several centimeters high. This is a big step in creating tsunami models that could become more accurate in the near future. Even a few extra minutes can make a difference in the lives of thousands of people.

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