Elementary school students in Miswakowice can discover that learning doesn’t have to be boring. In this educational institution, for two days (10-11.03) the science bus visited the traveling exhibition “Experiment” prepared by the Science Center “Copernicus”.

Science bus trips with teachers are possible thanks to the joint program of the Minister of Education and Science and the Copernicus Science Center: “Science for you”. Missionaries are educational institutions from towns with a population of 130,000. While visiting the Science Bus, students have a set of 10 exhibits that allow them to experience the course of selected phenomena in the field of physics, mathematics and biology in the form of an experiment.

We tried to come to our school on the science bus two years ago – says Andrei Debek, principal of the primary school in Misakovice. – However, due to the epidemic, his flights have been suspended for several months, and only now is his visit to Mysłakowice possible. Each of our fifteen classes had the opportunity to experience one lesson, asking about different phenomena without fearing that they might spoil something or that they might not touch something. I hope that such events will interest our students in science. Perhaps some of them will deepen their knowledge by taking a trip to the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw.

In our gallery, kids can experiment with phenomena that they learn theoretically in school lessons — says Katarzina Waculock of the Copernican Science Center. Younger children, thanks to what they see, can later understand the topic more easily when it appears in the older classes. Older students can only experience what they previously knew from books. Youngsters are mainly attracted to things that spin: rotating chairs, rolling rollers, and the older ones get sucked into puzzles.

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