Reporters for Project Veritas say they have arrested a CNN employee admitting that the station was doing propaganda against Donald Trump.

CNN Propaganda

Charlie Chester was scheduled to record during meetings started by mobile dating platform Tinder. In the video, the man said, “Look what we did: Trump got us out of office.” It also suggests that without the involvement of CNN Trump could still be in office President of the United States.

According to Chester, some of the CNN coverage of Trump during the US election campaign was “propaganda.” He explained, among other things, that CNN was inviting medical experts to study in order to undermine the public’s confidence in Trump’s health.

Several doctors brought us in to tell a story that was just speculation that he (Trump – Editor) had neurological problems. “This is it, I think it’s propaganda,” he said.

Biden support

We also learn from the recording that CNN acted in a way that portrayed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a positive light and discredited Trump.

US media reported that CNN has yet to refer to the recordings circulating on the Internet. The editors also did not comment on whether Charlie Chester was still employed by them.

American Elections

In November of last year, the US presidential election was held, which Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden. But in the next few months Trump indicated that the vote was rigged, He finally announced that he would leave office and hand it over to his successor.

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