Soon a lot will change in the reality of our smartphones. Already on Friday, Samsung will officially introduce new OLED panels, including a triple-fold screen, a side sliding screen, as well as a foldable screen. The manufacturer will also show off a webcam under the display!

Smartphone manufacturers are striving to make foldable devices more and more willingly choose by users in the coming months. The leadership on this issue is still pioneering SamsungOffering more and more new and more advanced solutions.

Samsung will present its next ideas on Friday (May 21) at the show Show week 2021 Organized by the Association for Display Information (SID).

Today, however, the manufacturer has already revealed the secret. Samsung boasted that it would introduce new, flexible OLED panels at the conference.

Samsung s foldable / fot. Samsung

The future is Samsung’s name

The first is 7.2 ” multi-fold “S-Fold” screen, The advertisement that you can see above. The equipment will be folded inside and out. Plus, it will work great as a smartphone and as a decent tablet.


Foldable screen / photo from Samsung

However, this is not the end of the pilot projects. Another one is 17 inch 4: 3 foldable screenWhich will be folded into a suitable size with a tablet device, and unfolded – an ideal screen for working, for example while traveling.


Samsung smartphone slides to the side / Samsung photos

Samsung will also introduce a smartphone screen that slides to the side, and it will also introduce front camera technology under the screen dedicated to laptops. However, it will strike very soon For Galaxy smartphones.

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The news from Samsung will appear both on Friday, May 21 Virtual conferenceAnd on Samsung Display YouTube Channel.

Not only will the Korean manufacturers’ projects be used by Samsung, but also other smartphone makers – we are really looking forward to the results!

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