free It is a new category product. It combines the advantages of portable devices, ie light weight and dimensions, with a rotating housing and the ability to obtain an image size of up to 100 inches. Thanks to it, your favorite movies can be viewed on almost any surface and from any angle. The 360-degree audio visual experience is completed by the 5W speaker.

Freestyle removes restrictions and takes Smart TV functionality out of the living room, too. The projector is compatible with the power bank[1]So you can use it anywhere. Perfect for the gym, tent, or as an additional computer monitor. We can also use it during birthdays to display wishes, YouTube clips, and photos stored in the cloud. All this thanks to extremely simple operation and high automation – the free model does not require special installation and is always ready for work. Autofocus is one of the hallmarks of a free projector. It is a set of functions that allow you to automatically adjust the image displayed on the surface: automatic leveling, automatic sharpening, automatic correction of the trapezoid effect. This makes the Freestyle game run for kids.

Freestyle: Responding to the new needs of viewers

Today, the image is one of the most widely used means of communication and entertainment. A lot of times we watch movies in different places, and on different devices via VOD services, we use YouTube to listen to music. We change apartments and cities and travel the world. Freestyle gives us great viewing freedom by offering a big screen wherever we spend our time.

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Thanks to the unusual design of the cylinder and the rotating design, which allows the image to rotate up to 180 degrees, you can easily change the viewing angle to suit the room and situation. This is why The Freestyle is also a response to the new needs of viewers.

The past two years have been a real test of creativity in organizing the daily lives of many people. The data from the “Hybrid Living Futures” study, whose results Samsung presented at the end of 2021, was also confirmed by 44 percent. of the Poles working in the epidemic changed the purpose of existing buildings or planned such a change. In practice, this means that in many homes the attic or garage has become a training room or home cinema. And the Freestyle projector fits perfectly in such an environment. It gives the flexibility that consumers so desperately need. It is also a great option for holiday trips and for people who change their apartment often.

The Freestyle projector is now available for sale in Poland. More information on the page

[1] Min power bank power source. 50 watts (20 volts) in the USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) standard. Samsung is not responsible for third party devices.