Samsung will no longer tolerate leaks – the manufacturer has begun to follow up on suppliers for reports about the upcoming smartphones. Apple has a completely different idea of ​​controlling its employees…

Although for us the leaks regarding upcoming smartphones are a valuable and useful source of information, the leakers are a real annoyance for mobile device manufacturers. It has happened more than once that we know everything about the smartphone that debuted on the day of its premiere.

Samsung does not agree with the rumors

We’ve known about such practices for years, but the producers are now saying enough about the practice! According to leaker Max Jambor, Samsung is just getting started Prosecuting leak providersReferring of course to copyright.

According to Jambor first leaks The nets were already starting to disappearAnd soon on the profiles of doctors reporting the devices galaxy It can get really empty. This version was also confirmed by another “resource”, such as Evan Blass.

It is also worth noting that there is no danger to the editors of technology portals that report on leak discoveries. So no articles will disappear from gsmManiaKa.

Not only does Samsung not like the epidemic of leaks – it’s been in the fray before Xiaomi i Apple. The latter is said to have already planned far-reaching business.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 / image from the manufacturer

The Cupertino giant wants Apple employees who have contact with proprietary information about the equipment to comply Camera installation. As reported by Front Page Tech:

The company has taken this drastic new step to ensure that hardware trade secrets remain out of the reach of leaks.

At the moment, however, the company’s battle with leaks is rather tenuous – news about cameras for employee control has also reached the media unofficially, of course.

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